Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Call 4 Partners

Jan 12, 2017

For the upcoming call at 2nd of February 2017 ChSCh Foundation (Foundation of Christian Charity Service) would like to invite organizations to join our already prepared project proposal for Erasmus+ KA1 Youth exchange, titled:

Social Thinn(K)ing Inclusion

Submition date: 2nd of February 2017

Description: The aim of the project will focus on tackling nutritional disharmony – a common cause of overweight and obesity, leading to lowered self-esteem and aligned with deterioration of personal development cravings. A reason of letting down the initiative to foster employability and entrepreneurial skills and giving up innovations. Methods applied to the proposed project will be a mixture of theory and practical exercises. With the use of non-formal learning, experiential training activities and a power dose of positivity promotion participants will redesign their nutrition calendar for better health and rise of proactive attitude. A great opportunity to evaluate personal management habits for active XXI century citizenship.

Host organization: Foundation of Christian Charity Service

Download: Call 4 Partners and fill out: PIF Template

Important details: The project will be financed by Erasmus+ programme. Therefore, food, accommodation, trips,activities will be fully covered, and according to the flat rate travel costs will be supplied. There is no participation fee. Organizations from all 27 EU member countries plus Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway and Iceland are eligible to take part.

Project leader: Michal Mirski

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